Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wacky Weekend

Saturday was bonkers.

[Too] early rising for a weekend, ex-boyfriend's wedding, jealous brides and envious glances, prom pictures, stained glass dome, "I want to eat from your buffet", rainy day, sea of green, drunken throngs, bunny rabbit name change, road bumps bigger than usual, happy hour with Three Floyds, questioning the newlywed about wading through rivers, forgiveness between foes, not my clap, cancelled flights, Just Married rickshaw, big inebriated mouth, blubbering in a bathroom, designated drivers do the job, and what we learned from House, everybody lies.

Photo updates coming soon.



Sarah said...

Oh the intrigue! Fun photoboothing. <3

Ganymede Girl said...

Photobooths are so much fun! I haven't had photos taken in one in years but this really makes me feel like going and finding one asap! Sounds like you had a crazy weekend.

Michael Henning said...

Wow, what a summary.

I can personally verify having been there at each part of it that this is all kinda accurate. Bonkers indeed.

My word verification is ousnoun. I like the sound of that.