Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reflect and Distract

Like animals to shiny objects, I have always been attracted to reflections.

Michael and I distracted ourselves for at least fifteen minutes bouncing up and down on the kitchen floor to create ripples in the reflected image from a pot full of water.

I truly value those rare moments when I am entertained and amazed by the world as easily as I was when I was a child.

My crafting has been slow lately.

I've recently had a lot on my mind, so this project was perfect for directing my thoughts. The repetitive motion and pattern really helped to neutralize my negative thoughts.

Felt, embroidered embellishment to a skirt I made.

How do you distract yourself from sometimes incessant negative thinking?



diane said...

my most beloved methods for getting out of my negative swirly head moments:

making stuff in my studio
coffee with a friend
watching inspiring films
spending time with kiddos

Sarah said...

Getting the negative out usually involves:
- cleaning
- scrappin'
- hanging out with the friends who matter most
- eating shortbread
- a funny tv show or movie
- knitting
- making music
- cuddling
- writing a list and crossing things off