Monday, March 8, 2010


"Finish what you start," she said.

At the screening of Handmade Nation, the film-maker Faythe Levine made me very aware of all the creative new things I've started. Enter my natural fear of it all slowing down to a stop. It has been five days since I last posted, and I am feeling terribly guilty about it.


The truth is that I am overwhelmed and distracted.

When at work, my focus should be on my clients, but instead I am thinking about crafting. When with my boyfriend, my focus should be on conversation, but instead I am thinking about crafting. If the internet is available in my presence, then I am probably using it to explore the blogosphere, including the online Indie Biz 2.0 class I am taking to prepare myself for opening an Etsy. I feel really disconnected from the direct world because of this obsession that has overcome me and it feels great. It's the first time in my life that I've actually felt creative and a part of something big. But, it's also becoming detrimental to my relationships at work and in my personal life.

How do you find balance?

Handmade Nation inspired me to the core.

I have been thinking more about my involvement in the DIY craft movement as a form of activism, or craftivism (a word coined by Betsy Greer). Activism against capitalism, against big business, against the mass production of goods, against sweat shops, against the pretentious world of gallery art, as way to express my dedication to the solution of the social problems around me.

Think of crafting as a more approachable way of raising consciousness.

Ms. Levine described crafting as, "making the mundane noticeable." If I can do that to spread ideas that I believe will transform society in positive ways, then I can sleep soundly at night.



Roxanne said...

I really love this post. "against pretentious gallery art", how very Dada of you. I also have huge problems with big business and all that goes with it. We're obsessed with consumerism and while it's good for business, I would much more prefer a simple life with less "things". When you figure out that balancing act, share your secret :P

tria said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not alone. It must be this week, huh? let's hope for a better weekend, yeah?
Love your blog, by the way!

Sarah said...

Wow that is overwhelming. The whole balancing of your passions with your actions and your life, it really seems impossible sometimes.

I'm really hoping it's not!

Have better days soon. <3

Brooke Ann Dove said...

Yeah! I'm not crazy... I knew there were others out there. I am horrible at balancing and my husband bought me a new glue gun for Valentine's Day. So you are not the only one.