Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Anatomy of Things

Think of biology class dissections, minus the stink of formaldehyde and gore and flesh.

And that would represent perfectly my new craft direction. I'm not sure from where the inspiration came, probably looking through photographs of sewing machines for tattoo ideas, but all of a sudden, an overwhelming urge overcame me to see the innards of all of the mundane objects by which we're surrounded. To cut through plastic and metal; and to name the little bits and pieces inside.

I've been experimenting with screen printing a lot lately, so I figured this would give me another opportunity to hone my skills. And let me tell you, this was tough. Having to cut out the teensy-weensy sections of the sewing machine picture! Oi! My neck and back and fingers hurt by the end of it, from having to focus so intently and tense all of the muscles in my body to better control the Exacto knife. For my first try, and considering the detail it entailed, I am satisfied with the outcome.

Unfortunately, there are a couple parts where the paint bled under the paper and it looks sloppy. This can totally be solved in future prints by using a thicker piece of paper or another material. I had to fill several parts in by hand that were not adequately painted when I silk screened the image, as well. I used acrylic paint for the screen print, as well as to darken the outer edge of the plaque. It looks a lot like a nice wood stain, I was impressed.

To hang the plaque, I simply put push pins in the back and attached some string around them, leaving it a little loose so it could hang.

Although it will be awhile before its opening, I've decided to name my future Etsy The Anatomy of Things.

I intend to continue this style for a while, on plaques, bags, t-shirts, and notebooks, but I figure the title will apply no matter where I take my crafting.

Is there anything in particular that you'd like to see dissected?



Anonymous said...

well done! i love it...there are so many possibilities, i can't wait to see more :)

Sarah said...


I'd like to see a dissecteddd... iPod touch! I've always wondered how the touch part works.

I once had to dissect a baby pig for bio. I can still smell him. :(