Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tattoos of the Future

There is so much skin on my body to be filled and I have so much to express.

I am addicted.
Don't bother to do an intervention.

I have some basic ideas brewing in my noggin for future tattoos, but no actual designs yet, which means it will probably be a long while before they take up some skin square footage. Not to mention, my ability to fork over the funds.

Oh, dear.

To celebrate the creative power within every woman and to exalt the beauty of femininity, I'd like to get the ten muses, including Sappho.


The style I am thinking about for this tattoo is best seen in Gustav Klimt's painting Fishblood. A lot of line work in black. I decided a long time ago that I was not going to get any color tattoos, besides maybe earth tones, such as brown and its variations.


To revel my own, personal creativity, as well as that of the women in my family, especially my grandmother, and her mother, too, I'd like to get a vintage sewing machine tattoo. By the time I was old enough to learn, my grandmother had the hardest time working with her sewing machine. It was always broken (even if it wasn't) and she could never get that darn thread in the needle and it frustrated her so. This tattoo is for her. For me, the sewing machine also represents self-sustainability and the ability to mend oneself, whether emotionally or physically.


What do you think of these ideas? Do you have any tattoos of the future?



Roxanne said...

Yes, yes! I love the muses, where would you have that places? It would make a killer back piece. I'll also get a crafty tattoo at some point, it has to be juuust right. And then, yes, there are the lack of funds. Blah.

elycia said...

hi morgan! i also want a crafty tattoo eventually :) that would be cute.
i love the process of learning a new instrument. i just feel like i want to try everything! if you have the urge definitely get musical! it's very fun.

ashlee said...

i love that old sewing machine:) I would love to have a crafty tattoo...but could I decide...

Anonymous said...

The sewing machine is awesome! And it will have such meaning for you! I am still trying to figure out what I want to get for my first tattoo. I love the crafty idea..

myownlittleuniverse said...

i LOVE that klimt painting...he is one of my favorites. have you checked out aubrey beardsley? i love his style too...black and white from around the same time period. i need to get to work on my tattoos soon too!