Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Little Bunny Stew Stew

Occasionally, I would browse the animals for adoption on all of the local, no-kill shelter's websites, such as PAWS Chicago and The Red Door, just to overload myself with cute until I could not bear to look any longer. At some point, Michael picked up the habit, too.

And one day, he proposed to me, "What if we actually adopted a bunny? This one, maybe?"

There was this adorable, itty-bitty bunny named Smitty with which we fell in love over the internet. No wonder he was gone by the time we contacted the shelter, but I was relieved to hear that more bunnies had arrived that were not posted online. Michael and I drove to the far north side just to play with all of the rabbits.

We stayed at the shelter for hours.

There was Tawny, an attention-starved rabbit that we labeled a puppy-bunny because of its size. She would stretch up towards your fingers, to force contact with you like a cat. We were told that most people didn't like to adopt big bunnies and Michael and I honestly felt we didn't have the room to house such a giant.

Tawny - source

Then there was Pinto, a sweet, but hyper bunny that hopped around us in circles and made us too dizzy to take home.

Pinto - source

There was Avery, a bunny with the most beautiful coat and friendly affect. He followed us from one side of his pen to the other, even when we were outside of the boundaries, just to be near to us. Avery has a serious heart defect that had kept him from being adopted for two years! Michael and I were pleased to find out that he had finally been chosen, but was awaiting surgery to be neutered, a potentially fatal operation for Avery. We wished him luck and moved on!

Finally, we met Dandelion, a bunny I nicknamed Dandy. Dandy was high on pain-killers, as he had just been neutered. Michael and I were unsure if it was the drugs, but Dandy was so calm and loved the pets (as in, rubs)! I stood at Dandy's cage a lot, stroking his soft, sandy fur. Dandy was a gorgeous bunny, with big cheeks and a cute butt he stuck up in the air when he was being touched.

We took Dandy home one week later.

We drove with Dandy in a small, plastic pet carrier. I was a worried wreck on that drive home. Every single road bump felt like a mountain, every pot hole, the depth of the ocean. I talked to Dandy the entire time. He was totally chill, burrowing into an old sweater I used as a bed in the carrier. Considering that bunnies do not respond to their names, and despite the fact that I did like the name Dandy, Michael and I decided to change his name. Michael insisted on Bunny Stew (because he is punny) and I compromised with Stewart, to pay homage to Sir Patrick Stewart.

I introduce, Sir Bunny Stewart!

Stewart's life since coming home with us has been very simple.

Stewart spends a lot of time in his litter box. I still find it strange that bunnies eat their hay and defecate in the same place. Ew.

Stewart has totally kicked his pain-killer addiction and still loves the pets.

And Stewart eats.

And eats and eats and eats and eats.
Om nom nom nom.

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Stewart looks darn cute no matter what he does.



Roxanne said...

Holy crap. Cutest bun-bun ever! You've just made me 11 on the inside.

diane said...

serious bunny cuteness.

i love it.

the salad pictures kill me.


Sarah said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, CUTE. Hi little bunny Stew!


Vera said...

awwwww, i just love your little bunny!
Sweeeet :)

Ganymede Girl said...

Aww Stewart is such a cutie! I had two rabbits when I was a kid and they are a lot of work but also really sweet. About them crapping where they eat, as far as I know it is actually important for rabbits to be able to eat their own crap (as gross as it is), eating things twice helps them to digest properly. I didn't know this about them when I was a kid and I think my rabbits suffered as a result because they weren't able to be as healthy as possible. I recommend doing a lot of research and if you ever have the space getting a second rabbit because they are social animals and get really lonely and depressed if you can't hang out with them all of the time. Best of luck with your new bunny!