Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snail Mail

I love snail mail (when it's not bills I'm receiving).

I miss the good old days, when I'd exchange letters and pictures with my cousins in Minnesota and friends who had moved. And how lovely it was to be given pen pals in school, to learn about far away people and places through an envelope. To peek in the mailbox everyday, anticipating, imagining its magical contents.

I received a postcard last week, from a friend only a few miles away.
And it totally made my day.

Last summer, a couch surfer left me a postcard he made (titled Unic-horn) and a cute note in thanks! I saw him again when I visited Portland at the end of the summer. What a wonderful character. Bem.

I decided that these fellows deserve snail mail in return.
Really, who doesn't?

And so, I created a postcard to send into the wild.
It's so gaudy, but still, I love it.

This picture makes the colors look a little funny.
It's a bit darker in real life.

Furthermore, what is this man doing selling cotton candy with snow on the ground?



TiffanyDanaeArt said...

1. I have been thinking the same thing about letters; a former coworker of mine who moved far away recently mailed us a letter because she doesn't have internet access. It was so nice to get a real letter! 2. I LOVE those little cloth yo-yo's! 3. That cotton candy guy is hilarious.

Anzouya said...

i love snail mail too!Especially postcards.You should join the can exchange postcards with people from all over the world!

the textured leaf said...

Letters are lovely and nothing can replace them!

I just popped in to let you know im sending some blog love your way this week. Over here at


Enjoy , Wendy :)

Sarah said...

I love love love snail mail! I'm not a postcard person just because to me there is nothing more exciting than opening an envelope (not even a present!) and finding out what's inside. Is it a letter? A card? Confetti? WHAT IS IT?! WHAT DOES IT SAY?!

Seriously I am getting far too excited just thinking about it.

Let's be pen-pals! I'm from exotically foreign Canada. :)

Suzanne said...

hello fellow indie biz classmate :)

i totally miss REAL mail :(

love the postcard!!!