Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stay Cool

I had one of those nothing-can-go-my-way weekends.

And I surprised myself by staying totally calm, cool, and collected. Most of you don't know that I am the sensitive type, my days easily ruined by the silliest, mundane reason. But, I've been working on it. And all I could do was giggle at the ridiculous nature of my misfortune.

It all started with a boot.
A yellow immobilizer I found on my car late Friday night.
Not unlike this one here:
Now, you have to understand, it's mostly my fault. Yes, Chicago is one of the worst cities for parking tickets, as they've completely privatized parking, but I could have dealt with my pile before it came to the boot. Anyway, I won't state the exact sum I had to pay to get the boot off of my car, but just know, it's up there, like, way up there.

Then, my craft project failed.
Actually, it started out really strong. I was impressed at how well I was doing for my first intricately layered screen print. I got a little over zealous, and when I added the last layer, which should have been a lighter color than the rest, I added a dark green, because it was the only paint I owned that I hadn't yet used. I was excited, okay? I just wanted to finish it!

So, it's not TERRIBLE, but the color scheme was all thrown off because of that damn green. Plus, I forgot his teeth. You really can't get a sense of how good I was doing before the green because, in this picture, it sticks out like a ... sore (green) thumb? Eventually, when I open an Etsy, I want to include customizable, screen-printed portraits. This WILL NOT suffice as an example. Try, try again.

If anyone is interested in letting me use a photograph of someone special to them to create more of these for practice, I will totally do it, FOR FREE (for a limited time, only), and send it to you as a gift!




Anonymous said...

aw, it's okay. I have actually been having a not-so-good weekend also. Things will get better! Things always get worse before they get better, that's what I tell myself. :)

isabella whitney said...

i'd love for you to do a picture of mine! but, really it doesn't look that bad! go in with a smaller brush and some yellow if it bugs you, it'll be good as new. i love these, they're so cool. i also like the postcard you made the other day.
annnd don't you worry, it's just one of those days. it'll get better.