Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Dangers of an Unattended Laundry Bin

I have better things to do than laundry, thank you very much!
But, what a disaster. My clothes are piling high in my closet nowadays and I am doing the sniff test on everything just to get by this week. Seriously, dirty clothing avalanches, dirty clothing tornadoes, dirty clothing flooding my house. What's a girl to do?


Michael and I went on a bit of a shopping spree this past weekend, at which point I picked up some interesting fabric from Jo-Ann's:

And with the recent clothing crisis I'm experiencing, I decided to make a skirt. The first piece of clothing I have ever made in my entire life, mind you, no kidding!

I am new to the whole self-timer, self-portrait process, and terribly uncomfortable in front of cameras, so don't mind the slightly blasé look on my face. The skirt looks uneven, it isn't, I'm just standing with one of my knees bent. Just your standard knee-length A-line, with some felt pocket embellishments in the front. Honestly, I would have liked to embellish the skirt more, but I needed to wear it to work today! What do you think? The only issue I have is the way it lays on my tummy and lower back. Because I used elastic for the waistband, it has just a bit of unflattering poofiness in those areas, which I will manage to avoid once I learn how to sew a damn zipper (Vogue Fabric sewing classes starting March 7th, yay).

I will leave you with something I bought at SalvArmy during our shopping spree, as well. Framed pressed flowers for two dolla, dolla bills, ya'll.

Pretty, pretty.



Dirty Hair Halo said...

those framed pressed flowers are the prettiest. i used to have a press kit when i was growing up, but i was extremely impatient so it always flopped. even then, though, i was obsessed with florals.


Diya said...

lol at the unattended laundry bin... and lovely framed flowers!!!!

btw I would LOVE it if you checked out my new blog!


isabella whitney said...

love the pressed flowers! thank you so much for your support and comment. i am so excited for the class and i love your banner. i subscribed to you blog. talk to you soon! :)

the textured leaf said...

I need one of those posters in large size for my laundry!!!!! arghhh.
Making yourself a skirt is the perfect solution.

caitlin said...

What a babe! (I almost winked at you.)