Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weeeee!kend Productivity

Wowzers, I had a really successful weekend. I guess I've started taking my TO DO LISTs seriously. This is how my blogging will go, I suppose. I'll do a trillion +1 things on the weekend, and then I will post my activity throughout the week. Anyway, I am one of those behind-the-times freaks that doesn't have the internet at home. It's actually really refreshing. You should try it. With that, throw your television out the window, says the person who watched nearly half the first season of House in a day.

[Rough] Weekend To Do List:

Besides, I can't seem to accomplish anything, but blog posts during my work week. Even my blog posts leave me feeling guilty about the way I spend my time at work. According to some of my (ex)superiors, I should have my nose up the asses of every Participant onsite at all times. And this is supposed to be their transition into reality? If I had someone's nose up my ass 24-7, I'd probably lose my mind ... and my lunch. Thus, I have sufficiently rationalized spending my lunch (plus some) on my writing. I am the model of productivity and supporter of all things creative! I am comfortable with this role, even at work. Last week, I helped one of the guys write a song ... about God ... being the truth. Okay, so, the subject matter of the song is really not my forté, but I helped him find the perfect Bible verse and write a basic outline for the song. It was pretty amazing.

Posts to which you can look forward i.e. TEASER:

Recipe involving tomatillos

Wall art with yarn

Biodegradable Plastic...?

Finally and unrelatedly, I must express that I am terribly and unbearably missing some people who live in far away places, including, but not limited to Caitlin and Amanda. I think about these two daily. The night before they left for Las Cruces, New Mexico, my friends and I had a "Favorite Caitlin and Amanda Moments" walk to our favorite local bar. You can bet that I've had those memories on repeat in my head ever since. Furthermore, I am the worst long distance friend in the universe.


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