Monday, January 25, 2010

Dalí Box

You've been acquainted with Pandora, no? You know, the one with the box of nastiness? Really, it was a jar of nastiness, but the word was lost when the story was translated from Greek to Latin. Anyway, in case you haven't heard the story, here's the general idea: Some dude pisses off Zeus by stealing the secret of fire and Zeus orders some other jackass to create the first woman to get his revenge. So, of course, a bunch of gifts are showered on Ms. Pandora, as she's just come into the world, including the gift of curiosity and the infamous jar. What a pair of gifts! Surprise, surprise, Pandora opens the damn thing because she just can't help herself and out comes the worst kinds of evils, ills, and diseases you can think of. Oh, but to sugar coat it, hope was at the bottom of the jar. Yes, Pandora managed to close the jar before hope escaped. Hope? Gee, thanks, Zeus, at least I can hope to erase all the terror and suffering from the world. Does the misogyny sound a little familiar to you? Think Garden of Eden. Hesoid's just another man writing a story about a woman who ruins the world. How original.

Really, I was just using this myth to segway into the topic of my post today. About a box. A box that is not at all like Pandora's Jar. A box full of wonders and magic! A box that contains all sorts of new and old craft supplies! Hooray! As I am fairly new to crafting, I've recently had to invest in a ton of supplies.
Not all of which can be contained in my box. Creates quite an empty pocket feeling. I digress, back to the box! I've noticed that many-a-craft-blogger truly enjoy removing the contents of various containers for show-and-tell. I will continue the tradition because it's just fun. I call it my
Dalí Box.
It's kind of purdy, right? I cut up a 2006 Dalí calandar I'd stored away and Mod Podged the pieces on the box. I'm still working on the sides. I want the insides to remain a secret to all outside observers. I don't mean to imply that there could possibly be any observers from the inside. You know, like the Indian in the Cupboard?
From top left to bottom right:

- one circle template for rosette making
- one rotary cutter, not be be confused with pizza roller
- collection of embroidery floss of a different color, like the horse from Emerald City
- old pair of all purpose scissors, you don't want to know where they've been
- new pair of fabric scissors, to make pretty dresses
- new pair of embroirdery scissors, to snip, snip

From top left to bottom right:

- six fabric markers, to write "Kick Me" on the back of all your shirts
- one crochet hook I used to finish the woven scarf
- one pair of needle nose plyers that I recently used to remove the bottle of Fix-A-Flat from my car tire
- two exacto knives with extra blades, for at home emergency surgery, you know, cheaper than scalpels
- seven baby blue paintbrushes, different strokes for different folks
- ten Crayola markers, for doodlin'
- seven hand needles called sock darners that I will probably never use on actual socks
- two lengths of elastic for a soon-to-be-realized project
- Bindis! I bought them on a volunteer trip to India a few years ago and actually have no idea what they're doing in my craft box
- one tube of super glue with which I am inevitably forced to make the okay sign with my hand
- three erasers that I never use, but tell myself I will
- hectagon template to make beehive embellishments

Well, kiddies. Stay out of trouble(not)!


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