Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mi Casa en el Barrio Pilsen

Hola! Bienvenidos! I am happy to share my cozy commorancy with you! Actually, I am down a roommate, if you're interested... but that's a longer and saddening story that I will tell you later. Perhaps, we'll have a seat and chat awhile? The tour, you say? Of course! But, first, let me introduce you to my pet.

Say cuckoo to mi pájaro Cú. From what I've gathered, the Mexican folktale of Cú tells the story of a bird with no feathers and a serious inferiority complex. Luckily for Cú, a generous member of the bird council, the barn owl, convinced each bird board member to offer Cú one of their feathers in exchange for Cú's services as a messenger. With plumage from the bird council, Cú was gorgeously transformed. Like Narcissus, Cú became so entranced in the reflection of itself that it could not perform its duties as messenger, which caused an outrage within the bird council. The bird council promised to teach both Cú and barn owl a lesson, thus both went into hiding.

Cú has acquired a bit of an attitude since its exile. Watch out! Unless you're always aware of Cú ... unless you give Cú (and its plumage) your full attention ... it will fly into your hair and peck your head! My terribly clumsy boyfriend has fallen victim to Cú's wrath more times than I can count! Keep your eye on Cú when you walk through my kitchen!

How about that ceiling? Isn't it beautiful?

View from my front door. I quite like my checkered tile, but it's a little excessive in the middle, wouldn't you say? A table and chairs is in order, I think. One on which to craft, eat, (have sex), etc.? Mmm, yes. Are you hungry? Do you want a snack? You'll find mostly produce in my refrigerator, maybe some hummus, soyrizo, tortillas, popsicles. In my cabinets, grains of all sorts, rice, quinoa, cous cous. Granola bar? Vegetable herb crackers? A drip of soy sauce? A dab of Sriracha? No? Well, at least have some tea? I have quite a collection. NO?! Juice? I have all sorts. Well, okay, if you're absolutely content, we'll move on.

Are you house broken? Whenever necessary, do use the bathroom to relieve yourself. It's just awful cleaning up the waste of others. But, please, if it's yellow (reference bathroom color in case you're unsure), let it mellow, if it's brown, flush it down.

Oh, the grief of being unable to jump on the bed. One hard knee into the mattress and the planks are bound to break. Believe me, I know from experience. But, I've got a number of stories due to my loft bed. Once, it taught two cats how to climb a ladder on lonely nights. And, ha! To have witnessed my boyfriend and I assembling the damn thing! We were bonking each other on the head with pieces one minute, strangling each other the next, quitting after that, and coming back giggling. Surely, we slept well that night.

Ahhh, where I spend most of my time: the living room. There have been some changes, so you know. It must be hard on you to have traveled from the future, huh? Oh, hmm, you're wondering how I know the future? Family secret, don't be offended. Anyway, that wall on the right is painted green now. My couch is a little bit dented in the middle, I'm sure, on account of my Star Trek (and X-Files) addiction. And nearly every available surface is covered in craft supplies. How about a little nap? Yaawwwn. Do you see how dark it is outside? Let's get horizontal.

Buenos días! Before you leave, take a look out of my bay windows. The sky is bluer than on a typical Chicago winter day! Wait, close your eyes, I'll lead you to the window. Think of the Mary Poppins roof scene with the chimney sweeps. Okay now, open your eyes! It's only an illusion! We're not actually on the roof, although that might be pleasant? I have a fire escape if you want to go out. Too cold for you? Fine, then. Do you see that building looming in the distance? Yes, that's the Sears ... I mean, Willis Tower, a name with which I will never become comfortable.

Well, it was a lovely sleepover, no? But, alas, it is time for us to part. You're not nearly out the door and I already miss you. What is that you ask? What a silly question! Of course you can return! You're apart of this place now. Just think, you've left skin cells behind. I will think of them when I am alone.


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