Monday, April 5, 2010

Riding in DIY Style

Today was my first bicycle ride of the season!

And it felt effing fantastic! Seriously, since the ride through my neighborhood this morning, I've been more energetic and happier times infinity plus one! The sun was shining, the wind was calm, and I fixed my bike up real pretty over the weekend (reference this post for a before shot). Riding around in style definitely makes me a more confident biker, something that is totally necessary on busy Chicago streets.

Originally, I had intended to repaint my bicycle. Realistically, I knew I'd never get around to the work involved in prepping a bike for new paint, like sanding, taking it apart, etc. Instead, I cut up an old dress that was in my fabric box and sewed some frame covers to match! As you can see, I've got a red chain, red grip tape, and red details on my tires, too!

Check out that backdrop!

The Pilsen neighborhood, where I live and thrive, is covered in murals. Pilsen is an exuberant Mexican community and absolutely amazing for so many reasons, but the art is one that is really apparent, even to mere passers-by. Now that the weather has improved, you should expect pictures of my favorite wall art from around the barrio. I'd actually like to do posts featuring many of the neighborhoods throughout Chicago, as they are all so different, and all so vibrant.

Pre-Columbian, Mesoamerican Calendar



Meaghan @ Urban Farm Designs said...

Cute ride, lady! I just gave a little love to my bike a few weekends ago too. Tis the season!

Meaghan @ Urban Farm Designs

Roxanne said...

Ooo your bike is so cute! I can see why you're so much happier riding through those pretty streets. xo

diane said...

your bike looks awesome!

and those backdrops, yes...amazing.

now you have inspired me to get my cruiser out from storage and fix that aqua blue beauty up!

last summer she was covered in leopard print faux fur with pink maribou fluff on the basket. rawr.

Moorea Seal said...

YES so rad. i love that instead of painting your bike you sewed it some clothes.

ps, shoot me an email @ if you'd like to chat about me designing you a blog header with a lovely illustration :)

Sarah said...

Your bike is sooo cool, is Chicago a bike friendly city?

Where I live you are taking a serioussss risk to bike on the streets. But it's illegal to bike on sidewalks! It's kind of impossible not to get hit.