Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lifetime of Gaia Worship

As of today, EARTH DAY, I have been celebrating Mother Nature for 23 3/4 years. In other words, for 8,681 days.

I think of my life as a constant celebration of the world in which I live.
What's one day a year, compared to 8,681 days and counting?

You can't change the way you impact the Earth until you really get out there and see what's at stake.


Consider four things that actually matter (via Treehugger) that you can do to improve your stay on Earth, as it's only temporary, but your footprint remains. Drive less, buy local, craft green, and be energy efficient!

Also, go over to The 60/40 to check out Roxanne's many informative Earth Day posts!



Roxanne said...

I <3 you! and I <3 that you love Mother Earth as much as I do! We must make a trip together. Joshua Tree? Grand Canyon? I don't care, let's just enjoy the fruits of the Earth :)

Michael Henning said...

A Joss Whedon line for this one. From Dollhouse:

"Earth gets one day, alright, the other 364 we're-we're-we're cranking the AC in our Hummer and then one day a year, ooh we separate the plastic. You know what I think? I think that once we die out, a couple hundred years, Earth is gonna have a people day, you know, to remember us. One day a year she is gonna laugh and laugh and shake our bones"


wow #6.