Sunday, April 25, 2010

Newfoundland Pal of the Pen

Now I remember why I stopped sending snail mail.

I had forgotten how slow the rate of the mail's movement actually is.

Sarah of Atlantic Atlantis and I took the Pen-Pal Oath.

Sarah's letter was sent on March 15th from Newfoundland, Canada and reached Chicago over a month later!


Altogether, Sarah sent me a beautiful handmade card, Spiderman and My Little Pony stickers, as well as a Canada sticker I've already found a place for on my Moleskin planner, and an Arctic Blend tea, which I have yet to try. You know that feeling, when you love a gift so much, that you have to force yourself to use it? Someday I'll actually drink the tea, instead of constantly putting it to my nose to sniff.

I <3>


Roxanne said...

That is the cutest card, ever! What an awesome Pen Pal!

Sarah said...

I am BEAMING. So so so so happy it was not lost along the way!

I've been having shitty moving stress times but this has made my day. <3 I really hope it was worth the wait!


thursday said...

I think the slow pace can sometimes be one of the best things about snail mail. You almost forget something is on the way. It's kind of a surprise when it finally shows up.