Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Do you see that banner up there?

Pretty fabulous, amirite?

That's me, just so you know.
In what appears to be my neighborhood.
What am I doing walking around with my eyes closed on such a beautiful day?
Daydreaming, perhaps?

If you're interested in these illustration skillzzzzz, talk to Ms. Moorea Seal at Rumination Reading Room.

She'll hook you up.

For realzzzzz.

End the excessive use of z.



Roxanne said...

Holy crap!!!!! I'm in serious love. Can I get that in a print and hang it on my wall? The colors are fantastic!

MeeshOne.Love said...

Oh I love it!!

Sarah said...

Say whaaaaaa, LOVE IT.

You are some cute missus. <3

thursday said...

holy schmoly that's a great banner!

Moorea Seal said...

Yahoo! so gLad everyone likes it! I kind of love it too. You are just so Dang cute that it made it so fun to illustrate! :)

Anonymous said...

It's really awesome!

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Funmilayo I. said...

it's beautiful

Sandra said...

WOW! It look awesome! I love it!